Thursday, July 3, 2014

like gas through a funnel, like eggs through a hen.

We made it here. But I still haven't seen either of you. I gotta say that I have ants in my pants to see both of you.  Today? Today I will see one of you...I can't wait.
The drive we just went on was so long. I think mentally it was twice as long as it was in real miles. Thing is: we are only half way there.

I am kind of stunned by seeing the country. Alex and I definitely both have a wanderlust.( I guess it would really suck for only one of us to have it).  I think we both get a charge from seeing and eating new things.

I am sort of tempted to make everyone watch a slide show of the whole trip. I know that is the worst thing though, Ha! Like hearing someone else's dream.  It can go on and on and on, and there is never really a clue as to when it will stop. I still want to though so:

Maine omigosh beautiful ocean, rocks, lighthouses, family, attacked by a seagull, ate lobster, Emily got married, fixed the car, car broke down, fixed the car, anniversary, pretty New Hampshire, Montreal, yummy french fries, wandering around a cool city at night with kids, market salami, Michigan always familiar, see family, IOwaaaaaaaaaaaa, Nebraska, I am trying to repress memory of just how neverending this part was, bathroom breaks and subway sandwiches, bathroom breaks and subway sandwiches, bathroom breaks and subway sandwiches, bathroom breaks and subway sandwiches, Cottonwood trees,  Colorado, Car over heating, Denver it felt so good to see those mountains totally listening to John Denver, Best ice cream in the country, Busted radiator, worst restroom in about 3000 miles of road across the country, Highest point elevation 11,300ft....That is realy high, Camped under the most amazing starry sky, Dinosaur Bones, Petroglyphs, Almost there, almost there, Duschene, Strawberry resevoir, Heber, Back of Timp, Provo Canyon, power station, farmer brown's, Foothill, there it is. home.

Picture that with slides

I don't really want to talk about all the car trouble we had. It was just really dumb. I feel like we really lucked out and broke down in civilization rather that middle of nowheres. There were real middle of nowheres and I don't ever want to be stuck in them.

I actually love Pennsylvania. I love our life there. Sometimes I just get so lonesome for the west.  I don't think anywhere else will feel like home in the same way.  There were a lot of miles to talk and think and look. I am lucky to have a guy like Alex. We have been married for 17 years. It hardly seems like that. I remember the morning I got married saying goodbye to the family, i just hadn't fully taken in that that was going to happen.  Being the first one to leave. That was hard. I know we have all had to do that in some way, but that first step away from the car (I got dropped off) was really hard. One of those moments when what you are physically is also what you are doing mentally and emotionally. But what an amazing life I have had. I owe every little bit of it to Alex. I love him.

But I love you all too. Wendy had to grow up. But she has a little bit of everyone of her family in her heart all the time.