Friday, November 6, 2015

Sing, Sing a Song, Sing it Loud, Sing it Long.

Alright, tonight I was singing songs to  to the girls at bedtime. For the most part singing the kids to bed has become more of a task than something I do for enjoyment, or as auto-correct interprets... French ointment. Occasionally though I find myself getting a little more into it. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's dad style when he really fluctuates his voice and sings loudly with gusto. I mean more like thinking about specific people in our family or tender memories that just pop up into my head. Sometimes when I start singing the songs that we always used to sing together it totally makes me emotional. Which I hate being emotional. Tonight I was singing that Beatles song, "Who knows how long I've loved you?", "Leaving on a jet plane", "Dream a little dream". I couldn't even get through leaving on a jet plane.  I think my trying not to cry ended up keeping the kids awake more then it helped putting anybody to sleep. I'm so grateful that we have those memories though there is one night that comes into mind particularly when we were in the car really late at night. I can't remember where we were going.  We were singing edelweiss in a round or whatever and then we got done singing Will was like uh, hmmm, uh that was pretty good. We were all thinking we were pretty freaking amazing. Isn't it crazy the things you remember? Listening to grandpa and dad singing on road trips together. This makes me want to go on a road trip really bad! It makes me miss being a kid. I hope I give my kids opportunities to have those kinds of experiences. Those solid kinds of memories. It's just the good stuff. I know I am really lucky. No one else in the world has a family like ours. For me, our family is just as good as it gets.