Saturday, January 10, 2015

A new year, the same old me....

Written before Christmas:
I know what your thinking. I have really screwed the pooch on the whole blog thing! I don't know how long it's been, I just know it's been too long. 
Well it's freaking Christmas. I love this holiday. I love the traditions I grew up with as well as the traditions Troy and I have begun within our own family. It's been fun to experiment and try out new traditions too. For instance, dad did not put on his child size Christmas tree socks over his thick tree trunk legs and sing "Oh banzai bush...", nor did we carol down the street or watch Will give Heidi a white wash. Although they are all truly excellent memories and traditions, it's fun to start new ones. We went to our cousin Emily's live nativity on Christmas Eve and I loved it. I thought it was totally sweet and tender yet short and imperfect. Macy wanted to be a star along with Jax and Jaders. I just love holidays, I love the hussle but I really love the imperfect moments that just make it so amazing. 
A few weeks later (today):
I hate starting a new year! I hate how everyone's is on a war path to "a happier healthier you". I want to be thin, I want to budget and save, I want to be cheery but I just don't want to start right now. It's too much. It's just too much. I try to get through the day without going crazy. I don't want to have to "stop drinking soda" or "spending money" or even "no fast food I'll just have a piece of lettuce, hold the dressing". I hate it all. I'm an overweight mom. It's the way it is right now. I will make my own changes on my own time. I don't need anyone to recruit me to their water aerobics class or join a Zumba class. I'm good. 

To top it all off we woke up yesterday morning. The kids were in bed with us and we were laughing about something then Macy says "hey mom, did you know when your walking in front of me your butt (this is where she motions in a large circle referencing my massive rear end) jiggles! Did you know that?" Hmmmm......... Well......... Hmmmm...... I guess I kind of assumed it did but thanks for confirming my suspicion!
Then this morning we were in bed and the kids are in bed too of course. Avery wraps her hands around my neck. I smiled at her. Our eyes locked. We were having a moment. Then Avery says "your breath smells like mayonnaise." Seriously?!? Mayonnaise? That's possibly the grossest thing I have ever heard! IS there anything worse that Mayo breath? I don't think so. It seems a little harsh! Considering how disgusting I find mayo. Yes, I think it was  quite harsh. Kids keep you humble. That's for damn sure.

A few photos from the live nativity: