Tuesday, October 7, 2014

and ACTION! bonus blog + boot DIY

Just to example how much I get what you are saying, Heidi (see previous post):

I have a great many things to do right now. Things that you might say are weighing on me. Have been for the last few days.  Alex was out of town, I  had a 2 day long migraine are two things that have been in my way, but really... today I haven't had much excuse.

Evan is sick downstairs and wanted some chicken noodle soup and scones earlier, just to add one more to the load of nobler acts that I could have/should have been doing. House is a pit, we have no food in our house, I have work I really need to do, plus various social things that I have been avoiding.

Sometimes I like to chop things with scissors, which sounds creepier than it is.

 don't do it

um i think i just ruined a really nice pair of boots.

also I think I just did this blog entry as a way to procrastinate further. And feel good about it.
Heidi, you nailed it.

Katie, before I destroy any other shoes :) do you maybe want those sandals you tried on earlier this summer? Do you remember?