Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Within the last week...

Well honestly the very thought of writing anything makes me tired! I'm so bored even thinking about writing anything about myself! 

I'm obsessed with the weather right now. The trees are rocking my world. Sweatshirts, boots, leggings and cool weather! "Amaze"! (As Katie jo would say) I am going to bore you with some pictures from my favorite spot lately. It just happens to be the kids fav too. I feel like I am discovering Utah for the first time. Everything is so beautiful and breathtaking! Like the clouds and the colors of the mountains it's just hypnotizing. 

Macy was complaining about her tooth hurting so we took her in for a check up... Her first dentist appointment ever and she is four years old. Mother of the year!! A few hours later she was in surgery getting four baby root canals and a cavity fixed! I was prepared to take a doped up sleeping Macy home, like all the other kids that checked out during our wait. Instead I got Macy on freakin' roids or something. She was all hulked out! Screaming so freaking loud, irate, kicking, hitting and yes I was thoroughly traumatized! Talk about Anger! She was crazy! You know it's bad when the dentist says "Ahhh, this can be normal?" Really? The whole way home people were staring at us. It was really fun.

So besides forcing gross medicine on my kids, surgery on Macy's mouth, potty training, Avery's diaper rash, the nurse accidentally giving Avery the wrong immunization, temper tantrums, my freaking UTI that won't go away, trying to finish getting moved in, Avery's pink eye, and trying to catch a flying squirrel in the house this morning, not a whole lot is going on… Things are great and super easy. In all seriousness though things are good. They really are I am just trying to justify not posting for a while.

The other day we went to Jakers pumpkin patch. It was really fun! We have the best family ever!

Oh…. and yes I do want your sandals, I was going to say shoes but I wanted to specify that I do not want your jacked up boots. Just the sandals :)