Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer's here and the time is right.


The weather is so beautiful right now. And I have something to say:

I am a runner.

If you saw me on the street in the morning you might not think that. You might think that I was a wogger, or a jalker, or just challenged in some way.

Well guess what? You can kiss my grits.

I don't care if I am really slow, it makes me feel so good. It didn't always make me feel good. For the entire month of April it made me feel tired and like I was fighting my body the whole time. But now baby, it is on! (JINX)(KNOCK ON WOOD).

If you saw me on the street in the morning, you might also think "Holy crap! Is that lady, full on, singing her brains out to Adele?" or "Is that lady "running" and doing air guitar at the same time?"

I might be, or I might be just lipsyncing a little.

It is probably not a seizure or  speaking in tongues or something

I love it. Here is the thing about music: It possesses my body. I don't care if it is Marty Robbins in the Grocery store or Linda Ronstandt at the gas station, Flo Rida in the mall, or any tune that they pipe through the speakers at Disneyland.  Don't even get me started on Erasure or A-HA. If I hear a song that I know it is like I am in a musical and I gotta sing and dance my way down the cereal aisle. I realize this might be embarrassing for anyone near me when this happens, but it isn't anything I can help. If you try talking to me during one of these episodes, I probably wouldn't even be able to hear your voice.

so summer is here and they are playing my song. And I am singin it with my whole heart.